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noun. Eggy Cakes = Babycakes
"eggy" = "애기" or "baby"


Khouri Family

Hey there! 

We are Chris and Joono (주노) Khouri and our littles are Elle (도아), Ryan (리도), and Shay (도희). After Chris (Irish, Italian and Lebanese New Yorker) met Joono (fiery, loud, Korean American Californian) in Orange County, CA, we got married and moved to Salt Lake City, UT and had our three daughters. We have long called our chubby, scrumptious, delicious kids by the nickname "babycakes," hence, the name of our business, Eggy Cakes.

We have been trying really hard to raise our kids to be bilingual and bi-cultural and, with the help of our extended Korean family, we have exposed our kids (and Chris!) to Korean culture. With that came gifts from our family of cute, playful Korean accessories. Our girls love all the adorable hair clips, rubber bands, stationery, etc. from Korea. In the morning, they love to pick out which hair clips to wear. They like to wear many, and I mean MANY, hair clips at a time. And we started to get a lot of questions about where we got them. That is how the idea of Eggy Cakes was born. 

Inspired by our three babycakes, we aim to bring that playfulness to your own chubby, scrumptious, delicious Eggy Cakes (or yourself!) and we hope you love our accessories as much as our girls do.

Thank you so much for shopping our small business!

Baby Elle Doah

Sisters Hanbok

Korean Hair Clips

Ryan Lido


 Shay Dohee

Hanbok Family


Hair Clip Overload